Saturday, November 10, 2018

Opening Ceremony:  9:45 a.m.

Race Start:  10:00

172 Lake Street, Coventry, CT

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CT Veterans Day Patriot Race

Patriots Park

172 Lake Street, Coventry, CT  06238

Video of November 4th race -- Coventry, CT

A fun way to honor our veterans....

The Connecticut Veterans Day Patriot Race is a fun and motivating event in our state to recognize and honor our brave men and women who have served. All veterans and their families know about sacrifice​ and patriotism; a​nd this event is an opportunity to celebrate and support the veteran organizations ​who serve them.

Following the race, the American Legion hosts a "Canteen" with hotdogs and chili and camaraderie with Veterans.

This was the best organized, managed race I have run in a long time. The course, while not what i would consider flat (my watch recorded 17 flights of stairs climbed), was a fast, fairly easy run. I can't explain why that is but it was scenic and there were people around every corner cheering you on.

Top Tips:

Put this on your calendar for next year now!

Robyn Beausoleil

Mansfield, Connecticut

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